Welcome to EDGE Video AI!

Unlock Interactive Streaming with Edge Video's real-time AI

Viewers want more from their content. To chat, to play games, to shop, to find community. To make the screen a portal not just into another world, but into another life.

For many content producers, delivering this to viewers organically, and reaping the benefits of increased engagement and retention, is tough.

Edge Video makes it easy. Edge Video makes it fun. Edge Video makes it profitable.

Edge Video is a suite of AI-powered interactivity, gaming and shopping features that seamlessly integrate with existing content with a QR code overlaid on top. Users scan the QR code and play along with content on their second screen.

Edge Video is transforming the way viewers interact with Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels and streaming platforms. Operating as an AI-powered B2B SaaS platform, EdgeVideo turns effortlessly passive viewers into active participants, incentivizing them through a dual-token economy that rewards engagement.

A new era of interactive content is dawning. Edge fuses AI-tech and blockchain to incentivize viewer participation and maximize their content experience, while delivering increased engagement and revenues to FAST content providers.